At Saltzer Surgery Center

Our physicians partners are able to increase access to cost effective, excellent surgical services.

Surgical Specialties

Our physician partners know patient quality and safety are the top priorities, and Saltzer  Surgery Center can deliver on both while providing a cost-effective and efficient surgical  environment. Our award-winning surgeons are experts in their individual specialties and have brought their accumulated years of service and training to Saltzer Surgery Center.

Cost Transparency

We have made a comprehensive commitment to cost transparency and our Outpatient Surgery Center's mission is no different. As in every aspect of medical care, there can be great variances in costs for outpatient surgery procedures. Our team is working to ensure physicians and patients can easily access the cost for procedures at the Saltzer Surgery Center.
We understand that our community is growing and we are proud to increase access to cost-effective outpatient procedures in our cutting-edge surgery center. Our physician leaders have partnered with the respected medical technology and device companies to ensure our patients receive the safest, most effective care available, in the easy to access, intimate setting of an outpatient surgery center.