At Saltzer Surgery Center

We have designed the surgical experience with a focus on compassion, transparency and exceptional medical care.

About our Surgery Center

We are proud to share with you a new option for same-day surgical care, Saltzer Surgery Center. Centrally located at Ten Mile & I-84 in Meridian, our  beautiful new center was designed with patient comfort, access, and affordability in mind. Our focus on same-day surgical procedures allows us to focus on providing you with an extraordinary experience. 










Pain Management


Saltzer Surgery Center will redefine the surgical experience for our community.

Why choose an outpatient surgery center?

For many common surgical procedures, physicians and patients choose the more intimate setting of an outpatient surgery center. Our facility is designed and built for same-day procedures. The surgical suites are equipped with all the latest tools and technology and the focus on same day patients allows our staff to focus on your comfort during your short stay.

Outpatient surgery centers provide cost effective and safe surgical care for many common procedures without the need for a hospital admission. Saltzer Surgery Center provides care for all age groups. Saltzer Surgery Center is a joint venture between Intermountain Healthcare and community physicians.


Improved Access

Our 148,000-square-foot building has 5 operating rooms and 1 procedure room equipped with the latest technology. We understand that our community is growing and we are proud to increase access to cost effective outpatient procedures in our cutting edge surgery center.


Patient Experience

Our pre-surgical team walks patients through every step of their procedure, from planning to post-operative recovery. Patients will feel comfortable and prepared when they arrive for their procedure. Outpatient surgery centers decrease the stress of managing a surgical procedure for the patient.


Cost Transparency

Saltzer Health made a comprehensive commitment to cost transparency and the Saltzer Surgery Center’s mission is no different. There can be great variances in costs for outpatient surgery procedures. Our team is working to ensure patients can access an accurate cost for their procedure.